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A member of the Verico Independent Broker Network, Brokers for Life is owned and operated by Len and Margie Lane. We represent to you our valued customers, borrowing opportunities with over a dozen key lenders in the mortgage industry.


  • Divorce & Mortgage – What Can Happen With the Mortgage after Divorce

    When tough times put stress on families sometimes the end result is divorce. While no one ever wants to see this happen sometimes it is inevitable. Lately CMHC changed the rules about how much a house can be refinanced for,...

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  • The Year of The Private Lender – Available Mortgage Options

    As we head into a new year we sometimes forget what great tools we have from our Private Mortgage Lenders. Construction mortgages for the smaller home builder, loans based on each property or blanket several and payout the mortgages as...

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  • Alberta Housing Starts on the Decline – Is that Good Or Bad?

    As some of you may have realized Alberta is in a bit of a slump. Today CMHC released the final results for 2015 and the without a doubt the numbers are down for construction starts in the entire province. This...

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  • What Tools Are You Going To Be Offering Clients For Their Mortgages In 2016?

    Wow... its 2016 and year is off to yet another interesting start, CMHC and the finance department are trying to reign in the real estate giants that are Vancouver and Toronto. With average prices nearing a million in Vancouver and...

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  • Foreclosure – How does it work and how can we help?

    Foreclosure rates in Alberta continue to rise as the long term effects of lower oil prices continue to be felt across the west. A recent trip to Ft McMurray highlighted the fact that more people than you think are in...

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